Fear Rua

Fear Rua is Dylan Murphy, a multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Bristol, RI. Now residing in the nearby town of Warren, Dylan uses Fear Rua to create ambient, psychedelic soundscapes inspired by artists such as Brian Eno, Miles Davis, and the Grateful Dead. However, the intense, glitchy electronic synthesis that characterizes the Fear Rua sound has been likened to the music of artists such as Aphex Twin and the avant-pop collective The Residents.

Past Fear Rua projects include the psychedelic tone poem “Broad Humanity”, inspired by a Walt Whitman quote; Emotional Snapshots, an improvised collaboration with guitarist Max Warden; the Piano Album, which presents improvised yet concise acoustic piano compositions; and several long form ambient pieces, including “Faith”, Again for Now, and “Amnesia Haze”.

Several Fear Rua projects will be released in the near future, including the album Bit/Drone Music and the Crosswalks EP. Both represent a shift away from ambient instrumental tracks and toward a more conventional amalgamation of rock, hip-hop, and jazz.


The wide range of synth, piano, and percussion sounds in "Broad Humanity" creates an ambient and psychedelic soundscape to excite the listener. An almost meditative intro draws in the ear, inducing a trance before venturing into a percussive space. Hard saws and deep drones glue the various sections together, making this a piece of music that traverses many moods throughout the almost 20 minute run-time.
Amnesia Haze is a series of improvised recordings inspired by the aforementioned strain. Light and airy, the piece progresses in intensity toward a peak, before trailing away like the last remnants of a storm. Even though there are a handful of different sections, the segments were all recorded at the same time, and they are strung together in the order they were recorded.
This three-part ambient piece focuses on looped fretless bass, supported by silky droplets of MIDI synth arpeggios. A wholly improvised piece recorded in one take, Again for Now experiments with advanced loop pedal functionality to manifest unique tones and motifs. Similar to a movie soundtrack, this album lives somewhere between the cinematic, the ambient, and the psychedelic.
For the project Emotional Snapshots, Fear Rua included Dylan Michael Murphy on piano/keys and special guest Max Warden on guitar. This was an impromptu jam session after a heavy trip in the Happy Valley, recorded onto an Adventure Time flash drive.
The epitome of the drone. Subtle shifts in melodic work maintain interest throughout this long form ambient piece. “Faith” uses many different swelling guitar loops to fill out a soundscape and calm your nerves as you meditate on the warm tones of the strings.
If you have ever experienced the global distress caused by too much consumption, then you will understand this piece. An album’s worth of guitar material, Greening Out mimics the intensity and severity that your mind and body may feel after one too many tokes. Caution: Do Not Listen While Operating Heavy Machinery.
The Piano album is a straightforward and stripped down collection of improvised piano compositions. These were recorded over a period of a year or two or three, compiled into two volumes, released now as a single package for ease of listening.
The pseudo-nature sounds found on the album Amphibedelic suggest the croaks and ribbits of frogs, the chirps of birds, and the crashing of the surf. Bordering on ambient and psychedelic rock, this album presents almost like a soundtrack in its patient and gradual growth toward subtle peaks, sometimes only suggesting a climax before submitting to even more drones.
This is where the Fear Rua sound began. This is the first recorded instance of the vibe that would carry over into subsequent recordings such as Amnesia Haze, Faith, and others. “The Basement” is a completely improvised piano sketch that proves what many musicians claim: sometimes the music plays the musician, not the other way around.