About MurphCraft

MurphCraft Academy provides virtual lessons. Whether you’re picking up the guitar or ukulele for the first time, or you want to take your jazz piano skills to the next level, Dylan at MurphCraft will lay out a personal lesson plan to guarantee your success!  

I couldn’t recommend a better teacher.
Tiffany Ouellette
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"Dylan’s been great at advancing my musical vocabulary and skills while still supporting the abilities I acquired "on the street". He has made it easy and interesting to learn all of those terms and techniques that my more sophisticated musician friends toss around. If you'd like to start or advance your guitar skills from the comfort of your home, I couldn't recommend anyone more highly."
Scott Harris
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Dylan is a well versed musician who not only cares about his students musical progress but is considerate of their whole person. He truly cares about the work and the people.
Kevin Andrade
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