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While teaching at several music schools, Dylan realized his passion for education. He began to form a curriculum for students of all ages and experiences. MurphCraft Academy delivers personal mentorship and virtual lessons, as well as free public resources on MurphCraft Academy’s official social media accounts.

Make your song sound as sweet as possible by working with MurphCraft to Mix your projects.

Dylan has a combined 40 years of experience on multiple isntruments, ranging from classical and jazz piano to rock and blues guitar. He also has extensive experience playing brass instruments in concert and marching band settings. MurphCraft possesses professional studio gear to afford you top-notch recordings.

Dylan creates music both under his own name (Dylan Michael Murphy) and under an alias (Fear Rua). The former contains straightforward piano music, as well as any popular music in Dylan’s repertoire; the latter serves as a catch-all for Dylan’s experimental/jazz-fusion/ambient efforts.

"Dylan has broadened my horizons further and faster than I would have imagined possible. I just enjoyed - ENJOYED - an hour of chord theory yesterday evening. And the lessons haven't just been theory. I have a really painful condition in my hands and he's helped me a lot with body mechanics to mitigate the strain and pain. His rates are (for now at least) ridiculously reasonable for everyone, from total beginner to pro. This is the perfect time to get your kids started or to really sharpen your own skills. And Dylan is a great instructor to get you there. Big thumbs up!"
Scott Harris
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"Dylan is a well versed musician who not only cares about his students' musical progress but also is considerate of their whole person. He truly cares about the work and the people."
Kevin Andrade
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